Introducing: The Options Strategy That Keeps On Giving
Highly Profitable Options Strategies for Any Size Trading Account 
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"I wish I could trade options, but I don't have enough money!"

"I have no idea what to do with this orphan IRA account!"

"Why does it always take so darn much money to sell options?"
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I'd forgotten all about it...

A small trading account in an IRA that I hadn't paid attention to in years, until my wife waved the statement at me one day and said, "What's the point of having $3,500 in an IRA if you aren't going to do anything with it?"

Good question, right?

So, I did something with it.

Now, the first problem most of us face with small accounts is this: HOW do you get it to grow faster?

And most people I know usually go out and gamble on options or stocks...

...and lose their money.

What I know, however, is that selling options is the smarter, more profitable, and higher probability trading strategy when it comes to options.

BUT of course, it's hard to 'sell options' when you only have $3,500...

What I needed was a strategy that could ACCELERATE growth by getting outsized returns in LESS TIME without needing tens of thousands of dollars because I didn't have tens of thousands of dollars.

The result?

A unique options trade anyone can make that has already paid returns of over 93% in just six months.
We Nearly Doubled That $3,500 Account In 6 Months
Options Team Creates Profitable Trading Strategy For ANY Size Account
Actual growth of a real money orphan IRA from November 2020 through May 2021.
I put together a small team of options traders to devise a simple strategy that would work for any size trading account and get substantially higher returns in less time. And what we came up with was so astounding, we had to share it with you.

We called it "The Options Trade That Keeps On Giving."

It's a simple trade you make and then use it to collect cash income every week. Now, it's DIFFERENT than most options strategies. We're not selling puts on high dollar stocks, or selling covered calls and we're not gambling by buying options.

Nope. None of that.

We took a simpler approach using just ONE stock, and collected cash income every week.

Look at the results:

I started using "The Options Trade That Keeps On Giving" in November 2020 with that $3,500...Over the first 60 days using this strategy, I pulled down $1,010 in cash income (which I reinvested).

I ran this strategy again in January 2021...Over the next 60 days, I grabbed another $1,561 in cash income (again, reinvesting it).

Then in April - with the markets going up and down and every which way - I used it a THIRD time to cash in with another $708 in cash gains (still reinvesting!).

Altogether, that "forgotten IRA" is now worth over $6,700, a 93% gain in just 6 months. That's nearly doubling the value of that small account using The Options Trade That Keeps On Giving...

...and it means I'm on pace to turn that $3,500 account into over $12,900 in just one year!

I told my wife what I'd accomplished and you'd think she would have been happy...but do you know what she said to me?

"That's it?"

Oh, come on!
If You Know How to Buy or Sell a Put or Call Option,
This Strategy Can Help You...
The Options Trade That Keeps On Giving has four simple objectives:
To make selling options for income (or growth) available to traders of any account size
Reduce the cost of entering the trade (up to 95% capital reduction)
Increase leverage for traders with larger accounts
Pay out consistent income at higher rates of return for faster growth of small trading accounts
Why Is This Strategy So Successful?
The solution for smaller accounts was to let the power of options do ALL the heavy lifting for us. So what we did was to "stack" a series of basic, yet simple options trades on top of one another so we could:

  • "Replace" stock/ETF ownership by using options
  • Reduce capital needed by more than 90% (this is HUGE)

Instead of needing tens of thousands of dollars, you'll discover you need a FRACTION of that capital. That's why this trade can work for any size trading account.

  • Limit the overall trading risk, protecting our capital (this is built INTO the options strategy)

Now like you, we hate losing money, which is why we BUILT IN a protection component to this trade so we wouldn't have to worry about losing money.

  • Add an "income" component so we could collect income every single week

This is the PURPOSE of the trade. The income we generated, as we've shown, provided the gains for this strategy.

  • "Update" the trade once every week so it didn't require a lot time to manage

You want "simple"? The income part of the trade gets updated each week (so you literally get weekly income) and takes just a few minutes of time. That's it. You're in, you're out, you're back on the golf course.

  • Create a trade that could "scale" for larger trading accounts

The capital needed to trade just one contract for this strategy is small, which means a larger trading account can "scale up" the number of contracts trading for 5x or 10x returns. Thus, The Options Trade That Keeps On Giving is a universal strategy that can be used by anyone, with any size trading account.

One of our favorite ETFs to use with this strategy is the SPDR S&P500 (SPY). If you wanted to sell just one options contract on the SPY it would take $39,000...

That's not a typo, either.

Instead, our unique approach SLASHES that capital by 93%. We've been trading the SPY since last year using this strategy and our average capital requirement? Just $2,955 per one contract.

That's what makes this strategy so powerful: less capital needed without sacrificing the income potential from the trade. It also explains why we're able to position this trading strategy for smaller accounts, and why we're able to get outrageous returns on our portfolio.
How Small Accounts Can Get Outrageous Returns
Without Increased Risk
Using just the SPY with the Options Trade That Keeps On Giving, I've shown you how I nearly doubled (so far) a small, $3,500 IRA account; and you've seen the chart showing the growth and income from this trade. But for a moment, I want to take you inside the numbers -- inside the returns generated using this strategy.

FIRST RUN: November - January, 2020/21

I started with my paltry $3,500...

Following the strategy, I used the Options Trade That Keeps On Giving on the SPY, as I noted earlier. I made updates to the trade each week over a two month period to collect cash income.
By the end of the trading period, I closed the trade with total income from the trade of $1,010. That's a 28.9% return on capital in about 60 days of trading. (For simplicity, I'm accounting for the full value of the portfolio for the return generated, even if I only used a portion of my capital.)

Now, it isn't realistic to think we'll get 28% every 60 days...

SECOND RUN: The January - March trade proves that. Because we did even better! Take a look:
In this trading period, The Options Trade That Keeps On Giving provided 50% more income, $1,561 on our starting capital of $4,510. That's a 34.6% return on capital in 60 days.

Now, a quick note - I was closing this trade every 60 days and 'starting over' - you'll find you don't actually have to do this. I did it so I could better track the results from period to period.

At this point, I've already collected $2,571 in cash income on my original $3,500. Pretty insane, isn't it?

Remember, too, I wasn't trading every day. Just a once a week update to the trade to collect income.

Which brings me to the most recent period: September 2021 Workshop Returns.

In this period, we still collected an overall 19.3% gain in cash income. Take a look at the results below.
Get Cash Income In Up, Down and Sideways Markets...
If you're like me, you want trading strategies that can work in any market condition. The Options Trade That Keeps On Giving does just that: Works whether the market goes up, goes down or just meanders...

Just as we saw earlier in the year...

Take a look at the shaded areas (what type of market we were in) compared to our cash results.

Last November, the market moved higher - but let's be honest; anyone can make money when markets go up, right?

So, how did we make MORE in January through March when the market had two separate bear raids?

Even our September workshop trades thrived during a sharp downturn of an average of -1.7% across some of the major indexes.  If we look at The S&P 500, it finished down 4.8% in September, for its worst month since March 2020, while we collected cash income.

That's the hidden power to this strategy: you are not betting on any direction in the market but you have the ability to capitalize if the market does move in one direction or another (or no direction!).
If You Need Help Getting Faster Growth...
Introducing Small Account Trader Workshop
Last year we introduced the Options Trade That Keeps On Giving in a special trading workshop. It continues to return by popular demand:

In our live trading workshop, however, we generally use our "Core Four" Index ETFs: SPY, QQQ, IWM and DIA with this strategy. I point this out because there are more opportunities for investors and traders who want to learn and master options using new, exciting and frankly ridiculously profitable tactics.

In our last workshop - from September 2021, we taught traders how to use all four ETFs above along with the following stocks and ETFs. Here's how we did:
During the 35-day period, our core four trades generated income of $944 and an average return of 19.3% versus an average gain across the indexes we trade against of -1.7%.

Note, please that you would have needed approximately $8-$10,000 to make all four of the trades above (per one contract). That's the potential this trading strategy offers -- it isn't guaranteed, but our results have been consistent enough that we believe you'll find your experience mirrors some of our other students:
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"I signed up for the new January’s continuation class - joining up for more of this is a no-brainer for me. I have increased my “orphan” IRA almost 50% since I started with these techniques :) I’m very grateful"
Timothy O.
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"Thanks for these sessions, loving them! Like you suggested…I had an “orphan” IRA that I have been using for these strategies, and it is up 33% since I started your trades."
- Joe D.
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“Love it. Can’t wait for the new Workshops in 2021… I made over $5,000 from these sessions. Keep it up.”
—Bill J.
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"I just want to express this is an amazing service.  I am so glad I am in it.  So much great value.  Thanks so much.”
Ron B.
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“I’ve learned more about trading options in these workshops than in the last 5 years of trading … and I made money at the same time. Thank you.”
-R. James
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"These are great trading strategies you guys are teaching us. I’m learning a whole new world of selling options for a whole lot less capital…and adding to my account.  Thanks."
Chris J.
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"I really appreciate you taking the time to write everything out and providing a detailed analysis.  I've traded Options for a couple of years and I've never had something put to me - and I never would have guessed it would happen so early."
- J Woods

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Your Small Account Trader Workshop Includes:

Workshop Dates: Each Thursday March 10 - March 31

The Small Account Trader Workshop meets via live webinar every Thursday at 11am Eastern Time during the workshop dates: March 10th through March 31st.

In the first workshop session, we'll teach you the basics behind the Options Trade That Keeps On Giving and apply the trade to our Core Four Indexes (SPY, QQQ, IWM and DIA) with live trade recommendations.

Then, in Sessions 2-4. we'll continue to 'update' our trades for income and explore other options tactics you may want to take advantage of.

Our primary focus is the Options Trade That Keeps On Giving and generating a 10% to 30% return during the 4-week workshop.

At the end of the workshop, we'll give you details so you know how to keep your trades going for continuous income.

Live Trade Recommendations

Whether you need to grow a small account or get income, you'll have 1 to 2 live trade recommendations each week during the workshop.

4 Live Trading Sessions So You Can Get Income NOW!

In Session 1, we'll put on our Trade That Keeps On Giving and in each week thereafter, we'll "update" our trades to collect cash income!

Bonus Training Sessions For Beginners

Optional bonus training to help investors who need to learn more or who want to explore new tactics for options trading. All training is pre-recorded, so you can learn at your own pace.

Live Office


During the workshop sessions, we'll also provide extra time for Q&A so you can gain confidence in using the options strategy we teach you.

Tools, Calculators

and Guides

You'll also get access to unique tools, calculators and strategy guides to help you put into action what you learn and keep the momentum after the conference ends.

Member's Website: Everything Is Recorded!

We record everything during Small Account Trader and provide easy access to your member's website so you can view the recordings and access your materials whenever you need.
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Reserve Your Ticket Now!
The Small Account Trader Workshop

Workshop Dates: Each Thursday March 10th, 17th, 24th, and 31st at 11am Eastern Time

Deadline: Wednesday, March 9th, 2022
at 11:59pm EST

Live Training and Trading Workshop Is Just $199


A Limited Number of Seats Remain Available for This One Time Workshop

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Your Expert Traders for The Small Account Trader Workshop:

Dave Durham brings more than 30 years of experience to investors, teaching simple tactics to transform dividend stocks into wealth building portfolios by combining the power of dividends and options. His newest service, Triple Play Income, blends dividend stocks with options selling tactics to produce substantially higher income for more conservative investors.

Chris Davis is a long-time member of Traders Reserve's options selling services. He brings a unique view of trading tactics he has developed from basic trading concepts he's used and traded with us. He has turned multiple small accounts into large accounts using the same tactics he'll teach during the workshop. He even paid for a new car for his wife in just months!

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